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The Revisit
Cotton Goods Archive 001
December, 2011

1. The Cage
2. The Landscape
3. The Cradle
4. The Salon
5. The Chapel
Total Time - 28:23

Composed and Recorded by Ido Govrin
Dan Weinstein, Cello on all pieces
‘The Cradle’ with Carmina Escobar

Album Notes:
"The album’s title, ‘the revisit’, indicates its metaphysical foundation;
Comprising of five pieces, the album exhibits several revisits to contemporary classical music
which in the end reveal nothing of the original sonic material yet dwell in the pieces’ worldliness.
No sampling was taken; Everything was recorded live and was later on digitally processed and edited.
The revisits became possible, on one hand, due to the pieces’ initial character of openness and, on the other hand,
due to my interest in art works that leaves the horizon relatively open, in this case, for further composition.
What occurs at the liminal moment in time of the revisit?" (I.G)

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