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Attentiveness Foldings
w. Liora Belford
Mixed Media Installation, Variable Dimensions
The Center for Contemporary Art, Tel-Aviv

Artists notes for 'Attentiveness Foldings' sound installation: A thing occurs at the field, an event in addition. Whether the event and the thing are different, similar or identical to each other, or not, it is necessary for one field to exist in relation to its neighbor. That is the form, the field’s arrangement character – the tangible within it, in attentiveness folds into the other, crosses a borderline. The borderline conditions the relation between the fields. It is being conceived, simultaneously, as both abstract and concrete. The paper; four borderlines, three dimensions, two fields and a single poem which reads out loud:
‘Keshev’ (Attentiveness) / T.Carmi
it is difficult for two shells to truly converse / each one lends an ear to its own sea / only the pearl diver or the antiques trader / can determine without a fear: same sea
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