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The Ragatka's Kloiz

First walk at Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa (Israel/Palestine), 27 October, 2011. Curator: Ruti Direktor

'The Ragatka's Kloiz' is a sound walk in 10 channels for Minyan participants. It is based on an autobiographical tale, 'And the House of God Will Be Burned' (1966), by Moshe Gurin (1921-1990); A poet, Educator, and Author, a survivor of the holocaust. The tale spreads out an event that occurred to ten men in a distance suburb of Vilnius (Poland) on the year 1940, who were coerced into burn up their most precious thing of all, and maybe, even themselves. 'The Ragatka's Kloiz' enables its participants to travel through a dynamic audio sphere, and by that invites them to take a physical and active part at the narrative's constructions and depths.

Original Tale (.pdf, in Hebrew)
Time: 25'42
Narrator: Zohar Eitan
Path: Beit She'arim St. (where meets Sderot Ha'tzyonut) > right turn to Puah St. > right turn to Shifra St. > right turn to Abas St. > back to start.

http://www.idogovrin.net/files/gimgs/th-40_The Ragatka