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#2 - Erratum

A theory act is a rhetorical, artistic method of discussing issues of theory in non-theoretical ways. Positioned against the conventional written paper, it does not talk about a certain subject matter, but rather “act it.” It is carried out through divergent and complementary modes of presentation and representation, and thus it is experimental in character.
A theory act is based on the assumption that in art the acquisition of knowledge is subjected to a rhetorical form of ambiguity. This form can contribute to bridging diverse sensory and affective modes of knowledge generated within aesthetic experience and discourse. Theory is therefore felt, experienced and produced in temporal processes.

In Erratum, six notes on Erratum [from Marcel Duchamp's Erratum Musicale (1913) to John Cage's museumcircle (1989-95)], are deconstructed and reconstructed in a theory act.

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