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Interval Recordings...

Between Things
Mixed Media, Variable Dimensions
P8 Gallery, Tel-Aviv

The installation, ‘Between Things', is based upon few texts about time; The texts are hanged in the air, at the gallery's space, while various leftovers of paper, ink, accompanying materials, and sound are piled up around them. These leftovers are a testimony of an act which took place, at the interval, between things. The act occurs in a relation to time; It can be carried out in light of an expected final result, and therefore desperately cling to the speed of change and its purpose, or alternatively, through an involuntary and temporary conspicuousness as a deviation from somewhat predicted and routine path; As a pure act of abstraction in the world; or other abundance relations. time is being expressed in this installation as a plastic thought, image and sound; as numerous descriptions, out of many, which are parallel to the characteristics of the act itself, and which complement each other in different modes, that sometimes, their nature stays unclear to us.
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